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Facebook secret is out fanpages are on the SSL hot seat.

There is recent chatter among our friends and partners in the social media world that seems to indicate that the bar is about to be raised extremely high when it comes to Facebook fan pages.

Starting in roughly a month or so, it is rumored that Facebook will no longer accept fan pages that do not have a SSL certificate attached to them.  What this means is, any fan page currently not hosted on a secure website that supports SSL (these usually begin with a https)  will no longer be accepted as an appropriate page.

In other words you can no longer use Iframe integration from an unsecured website.  Albeit this is probably a good plan, what does it mean for website owners who currently have a fan page?  Well, it could be one of two things.

  • Either they will have to host the fan page on another secure site and update it.
  • Have the fan page removed and create another one.

While this is not great news for the early adopters of Facebook fan pages, it is a good move on the part of Facebook to secure the future of fan pages.

Many sites were paid for and built without this SSL service and this means they can be easily hacked and or may contain viruses.

What does all this mean for Fanpage owners?  It means that they have to make their stuff more secure.  Is it really that terrible when you think about it?

Here is a little known fact: Facebook is the number one search engine and the easiest way possible to gain valuable SEO wouldn’t you want to secure it?

What may sound like a major pain for many site owners is a welcome relief to many SEO and social media managers.  Once the SSL is implemented and everyone is up to date, Facebook will remain the number one best place to advertise your products and services.

Have you gotten your page yet?  Contact us for more information.

Here is an example of what a great facebook page looks like, shouldn’t you have one?


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